VWDOF calculator


VWDOF is the name of a versatile DOF calculator for the Windows operating system. Apart from the depth of field it calculates the field of view, depth of focus, the amount of background (or foreground) blur, the effective aperture, and more.

VWDOF doesn't come any smaller than this

Overview of the main features:

Three screen dumps follow to illustrate the versatility of VWDOF, but there is much more.

Example of two scenarios

Overview of all input and output fields

Image formats

Download VWDOF 2.1 and the user manual in pdf format, which is recommended reading. Just remember: nonsense in = nonsense out.

Acknowledgment. I am very grateful to my good friend muchan for the GUI design and the numerous features he added.

An article on depth of field is available with examples of DOF theory and practice.