Photo album


Sometimes I just take pictures. Here are a hundred of them.

The man with the cigar Lisu Slum boy Forest bathing Confession Selfie
Digital negative The birds Shopkeepers Infection Agricultural worker Generations
Imprisonment Water fetcher Family portrait Silhouette workers Wheelbarrow The end of the world
Caprivi roadside Maltahöhe hospital Deployment Bicycle stand Believer Tractor sales
Fisherman Independence La Habana Uros Younger sister Himba Colonel Moldes
Taquile Spontaneity Elderly woman Serious look Pedlar Village idiot Mawatha model
Shelter from the rain Body language Moholmen Knock knock Wind-blown trees Camel thorn tree Quiver trees
Araucaria araucana Twin mountains Puffins Hardangervidda Elk
Forum Romanum Former prison Winter ferry Colonial museum Beauty and the beast
The invasion of Oslo The carrier Norderney Sheperdess The hand of the desert
Nothing left to talk about Let the music begin A hard day's night The new progression Coffee time
Little man Pondering Bus stop On the lookout Men on the corner
Long-term parking The three volvos The theater Overdue maintenance Neighbors
Bunyeroo scenic drive Petrified forest Face toward the sun Dune Haugastøl
Blue lagoon True colors Mineral mountains Volcán Nevado Ojos del Salado Ancient volcanoes
Llama procession Villarrica sunshine Villarrica sunset Villarrica nighttime Lake of the thousand rainbows
Easter islands Mystery forest of the Bunnyville Lago Escondido Springtime Myre
Okavango Etosha Parinacota Rainbow eats mountain Vesterålen

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